By: Melanie Johnson

Last year, you might have promised yourself a lot of things – you’d land that big interview, get that big raise, score that new certification, revamp (NEED) that old resume. You’d practice your speaking skills or tighten up your cover letter. You’d find the job you were meant to have.

But now it’s 2015. Maybe you did some of those things, or maybe you didn’t. But you know what?

Last year doesn’t matter.

Plenty of us make New Year’s resolutions, and plenty of us fall off the wagon before the end of January. That’s why this year is going to be different! This year, you’re going to make those changes. You’re a year wiser, a year more energized, and you know just what it’ll take to get those goals under control! Make this the Year of You by tackling your challenges head-on:

Create some manageable goals

You want a new job? Make your first goal quantifying all your accomplishments at your current job. You want a promotion by the end of the year? Find a mentor in your company now. Resolutions should never be one big, sometime-in-the-future, general goal – break it down, give yourself deadlines on the small things, and the big thing will snap into focus a lot quicker.

Prepare your resume and cover letter

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, it’s always a good idea to have something ready, just in case the perfect opportunity arises. Check out our resume (NEED) and cover letter (NEED) tips to learn more.

Start small

It can be daunting to give yourself a full life makeover. So don’t! The road to self-improvement can be as simple as making your bed in the morning. Eat a healthy breakfast, drink an extra glass of water, walk a few extra steps – aim to get one concrete, positive thing done first thing every morning, and you might be surprised at how much easier it is to take on the rest of your to-do list.

Just remember: Last year doesn’t define you. Your current job doesn’t define you. You have all the resources you need to make 2015 the best year yet. All you need to do… is start!