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8 ways to foster a more inclusive workplace

Inclusivity means belonging, feeling part of something and that you have the ability to contribute and be heard. We all function better in a workplace that is inclusive - and these tend to be the spaces where productivity is higher and there is more potential for creativity, collaboration and innovation. 

Do's and Don'ts on the first day in a new job

There’s no doubt that first impressions make a big difference (You have only 7 seconds to make a good impression*) and there’s no greater opportunity to do that than your first day in a new job.

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How healthcare leaders can influence workforce growth

There’s no question that the pandemic placed acute pressure on the healthcare industry. However, many of the issues that we see today were already embedded before the arrival of COVID-19. 

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8 ways Technology has helped the Talent Industry

The telecoms industry has undergone significant change in recent times. A drop in demand for voice and text messaging has created the need for many to pursue digital transformation, adopting cloud-hosted solutions and investing in sophisticated tech.

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Answering salary expectations

When it comes to the question of salary expectations this is often something that candidates find very difficult to address. Many of us feel uncomfortable talking about money but it’s a vital part of ensuring that you get what you want with respect to the financial negotiations around a new role. 

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