In today’s job market, you need to take every opportunity to connect with employers. One of the best ways to do this is by working with a staffing company/agency. Staffing agencies work with thousands of client companies. Having your resume on file with an agency lets you get your name and experience in front of all those potential employers. It’s an important partnership in your job search, and here is what you need to know to get the most out of it:

Why Top Employers Use Staffing Companies

Recruiting and hiring the right people can be difficult. Companies spend a great deal of time searching, scheduling, interviewing, screening, and onboarding candidates. Many organizations do not have the internal teams in place to take on these tasks. Other companies would rather leave this to experts. For these reasons, and more, many companies rely on staffing agencies to help them recruit their teams – whether they be for temporary roles or permanent positions. As experts in recruiting, staffing companies have access to the tools, resources, and processes that make the hiring timeline faster and easier for both clients and candidates. Their recruiters learn about the client’s business, its culture, work environment, the roles and responsibilities of the job and the soft skills needed to be successful. This is important information recruiters use to match the client’s job openings with the best candidates for the positions.

Finding the Right Candidate for the Right Position is Priority #1

The goal of every recruiter is to make the best match between their client’s requirements for a job and their candidate’s skills and career goals. A staffing company’s success (and reputation) is directly related to its ability to find this “right fit” — where clients get the skilled talent they need, and candidates find work they enjoy. Just as recruiters take the time to learn about the client company, they should do the same for you. During your initial interview, your recruiter should thoroughly review your previous work experience, education credentials and your career goals. They’ll want to understand which positions would be a great fit, and how those jobs can help you achieve your goals. Keep this in mind if you are interested in a position and your recruiter doesn’t think it’s the right fit for you. They know what it’s going to take to be successful in that job, and they want you to be happy. Staffing companies receive new positions to fill every week, and your recruiter is actively on the lookout for opportunities to match your skills with the right client.

Much More than “Temp Jobs”

Staffing companies recruit for a variety of positions and types of employment. Contingent or “temp” jobs might be what agencies are best known for, but they are just as likely to be recruiting for temp-to-hire, contract, and direct-hire positions as well. When working with an agency, consider the types of employment you’re looking for and the benefits of each. For individuals looking to supplement their income, who have limited availability, or enjoy working on different projects for a variety of clients, a temporary or contract role is a good fit. For those seeking a full-time, permanent position, then direct-hire opportunities are what they need.

In addition to finding you a job, staffing agencies may offer other services, such as resume advice, interview coaching, and even online learning and upskilling opportunities.

Choosing the Right Staffing Company

You can find the right job faster by working with a staffing agency that places people in the industry, employment type and geography you want to work in. If you’re looking for a job in accounting, a firm that specializes in placing engineers isn’t a good place to start. If you are looking for a full-time position, a company that only places temporary or day-labor workers isn’t going to find you the job you want. And just as important, if you are looking for a job in your local area – or a remote position that can be anywhere in the country – make sure the agency you choose has the geographic reach that aligns with the opportunities you want.

In addition to specialization, employment type, and geographic reach, make sure you choose an agency with the years in business and reputation to get you the best opportunities with top employers. At Volt, we specialize in several industries across hundreds of markets in the US and internationally. We have a 70-year history of success and one of the highest client tenure rates among all staffing agencies. Our approach and processes make all the difference when connecting clients and candidates.

Treating the Staffing Agency Like Any Employer

Staffing agency recruiters act as career agents for candidates, but they are also gatekeepers for the clients. Therefore, it’s important to make a good impression with your recruiter. Always return phone calls and messages, arrive on time to interviews, dress professionally and be prepared to speak about your work history and experience. For many temporary or temp-to-hire roles, recruiters are responsible for the entire hiring process. If you meet the requirements, they will send you to the client’s location to start work immediately. For other roles, such as direct-hire positions, you will interview with staffing agency recruiters first, and they will determine if you move to the next round of interviews with the client. Staffing firms want to provide clients with responsible, reliable candidates who they feel will succeed on the job. So make the same level of effort to impress the staffing agency recruiter as you would any employer.

Finding a great job can be hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a staffing agency can open doors to top employers, help you find positions that fit your needs, and give you opportunities to upskill and achieve your career goals.

The Volt Difference

Quick and Easy Job Application Process: In less than 3 minutes you can conveniently apply for a role and upload your resume.

Committed to Rapid Response: Your time matters. Our goal is to respond to every candidate application or request within 24 hours.

One-On-One Support: Recruitment and job placement at Volt is a one-on-one affair. Get the career focus you deserve.

We Create Opportunities: We actively generate career opportunities for you by showcasing your skills to top employers.

Pay and Benefits: We offer competitive pay with optional benefits package designed to empower our employees to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives—at work and beyond.

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