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4 ways to kickstart your employer branding initiatives

As the economy begins to recover, there has been a significant shift in the way that organizations view hiring.

Tips for compliantly and effectively managing your contingent workforce

Tips for compliantly and effectively managing your contingent workforce Even before the business community started dealing with COVID-19, the contingent workforce was on the rise. 

Volt Workforce trends to consider in 2022

Workforce trends to consider in 2022 Workforce management is a vital part of ensuring that your business has the capabilities to start the new year at full strength.

A useful guide to onboarding employees remotely

 Remote onboarding became an essential process in 2020 and 2021, not just to cope with the impact of lockdowns throughout the world, but also to allow organizations to take advantage of the opportunities of working with employees not bound by location.

Resume tips to help you land your dream job

Only around 25% of resumes ever make it through the algorithm to an HR professional. Therefore it is important to stand out. You may be a good fit for the potential jobs to which you are applying, but you may not be successful with your resume. 

Evolving your workforce for success

Workforces today have a far more complex structure than employers have ever had to face with before. Four generations are now working together and this can mean age gaps of up to 50 years and a whole wide range of different attitudes, and difficulty or ease when it comes to technology and innovation. 

Should You Put Side Projects on Your Resume

As I sorted through the applicants for a direct-hire Web Developer opening, Justin's resume looked  like all of the others I received. They were all qualified, they all had solid work history, and they all interviewed well. So why did Justin get the job? ...

Managing the Gaps on Your Resume

Among the common questions I hear as a recruiter is, "Why do companies always want to know why a person has job gaps in their work history?"  Knowing the answer is essential to creating a resume that gets you through to an interview ...

Prove It

I was at a crowded party once, stuck talking with a guy who was quite full of himself. He was bragging about how well he played guitar, and bass, and piano, and added, "and I'm getting pretty good at the harp," putting his hands near his mouth to show that he meant harmonica, not the stringed instrument. After he made the hand gesture, my friend Jeff, a musician himself, silently reached into the front pocket of his jean jacket for a small harmonica, offered it to the big talker and said coldly, "Prove it."

So Your Friend Asks You to Be a Reference

With so many people looking for work right now, it's increasingly common to get recommendation requests from former coworkers and friends. Some of these requests may put you in an awkward position ...

How to passively look for a job using LinkedIn

What does it mean to passively look for a job? While the word passive suggests you're not actively doing anything, a passive job hunter is someone who isn't necessarily looking for a new job, but would take a better opportunity if one came their way. Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn to help make sure you don't miss out when other opportunities come up ... 

How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume

What should you say if your interviewer asks you about gaps in your work history?

Why Spell Check Isn't Enough

Don't rely on spell-check to proofread your resume. Spell-check looks for words that aren't words, but it won't help when you choose the wrong word ...

Talk Like a Human

SEO is important – your resume and social media profiles need to have enough industry-specific content to appear in employer and recruiter search results – but eventually, a real person is going to read them and they’ll want to see how well you communicate, not how well you can do SEO. Here are few things that will make your job search documents more readable ... 

How to Brag on Your Resume When You're Bad at Bragging

Spend enough time on the job market and you’ll find that it’s difficult to stand out without a little bravado. Unfortunately for introverted job seekers, we don’t live in a meritocracy, and listing your duties without highlighting your biggest successes isn’t going to get a hiring manager to pay attention ...

How to Summarize Your Experience for Recruiters

My job as a recruiter is not to make a resume fit a job description by reading between the lines, but it is to quickly determine if the candidate meets the basic qualifications for the position. ...

What Does a Recruiter Do, Anyway?

Recruiters work on behalf of our clients; they tell me the job they need filled and I search for talented people to do the work. Some of these openings are easy to fill, others require months of work to find just the right person. When I connect with a candidate, I feel good; I get truly excited when I have an opening that would be a fit for them.

6 Things You Can Do Every Night Before Bed to Find a New Job

Moving up in your field can often mean searching for a job while you’re already employed full-time -- but job seeking is exhausting, especially if your only time to do it is between the hours of “After Work” and “Before Bed”. How can you get ahead without burning yourself out? We have some tips.

Why This Year Can Still Be Different

Halfway through January, and maybe your 2015 is looking a lot like 2014.  But you know what? It doesn't have to.