Bill Reagan

Bill Reagan is a staff writer with Volt Workforce Solutions. His resume reads like a randomized list of job titles, including Auto Mechanic, Fraud Analyst, Woodworker, IT Finance Specialist, Shipping & Receiving Clerk and more. Those varied career explorations have been invaluable to his work at Volt, where he applies his experience in these diverse industries to better communicate Volt’s message to its employees and clients. When he’s not at work, he enjoys writing, being repeatedly crushed by his daughter in video games, and trying to convince the dog that tomorrow is a much better day for a walk. (The dog never believes it.)

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Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. This is a common business adage, because it’s completely true. Every employee in every department can be a difference-maker for a company. CEOs may get the press, but to pick one example, it can be the critical support from a call center rep that saves a company’s reputation on social media. Every role matters – and that’s why at Volt, we’re so proud of the people who have chosen to be on our team.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Ask Questions in Your Next Job Interview

Some people think the way to stand out in a job interview is to get all the answers right. To do this, they plan a response for every common interview question, make mental lists of key points to mention, and prepare to discuss the smallest details of their past jobs. This is a solid approach for any interview, but don’t forget to plan for when the hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

When Funny Isn’t Funny

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, right? So when you’re going for a job interview, you might be tempted to impress the hiring manager with a clever line that displays your great sense of humor.  The problem is, everyone’s sense of humor is different. 

How Can a Staffing Company Benefit Younger Workers?

It’s no surprise that the shortest tenures are among younger workers. People at the start of their career are still trying to find their path, so they’re willing to take a job to try it out – and in the current talent crunch, they have more opportunities than ever to quickly find something new.

How to Include Staffing Jobs on Your Resume

A lot of people are unsure how to list temporary or contingent jobs on their resume. No wonder – you did all of your work at one business, maybe even at a cool company that would look good on your resume, but your paycheck came from a staffing company. So who do you list on your resume?

What Does a Staffing Agency Do?

I used to think I knew what staffing agencies do: they find people jobs, right? Probably some entry-level position? Sort of a job seeker’s last resort?

Focus on the Job Search Factors You Can Control

Job hunting can be a soul-bruising exercise. So how can you stop yourself from agonizing over the wrong details when you're looking for work?

World's Simplest Job Interview Advice

I was an English major working at an automotive shop -- it was a job, not a calling, but it paid the bills. One day a customer dropped off her car and gave me her business card that read "Advertising and Public Relations."  I told her that I had always wanted to write advertising, but didn't know where to start. She said, "If you want to give it a try, start at my office." ...

Recovering from a Resume Typo

I was nervous. Two interviews with my would-be boss had gone well, and the last hurdle between me and a great copywriting job was an interview with the vice president ... 

Every Moment Could Be a Job Interview

Most of us think of a “job search” as a series of tasks – looking at job boards, polishing your resume, attending networking events – that are separate from the rest of our life. Walking the dog and raking leaves have nothing to do with finding a job, right? But this story about one of my neighbors shows that you never know when you’ll have a chance to impress someone who can have an impact on your career ...

You did everything right -- so what went wrong?

If you read jobseeker blogs and online comments, you're aware of the frequent disconnect between job seekers and hiring managers. It's surprisingly common to hear people talk about how perfect they are for a particular job, but they aren't given a chance to show it ...

Does the Unemployment Rate Matter?

The national unemployment rate gets a lot of attention, especially from job seekers who eye it nervously as they consider greener pastures. Yet when it comes to our individual lives, the national unemployment rate should not be a factor in our career decisions ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Should I Eat This at My Desk?

Should I eat this at my desk? This infographic will tell you the answer...

Prove It

I was at a crowded party once, stuck talking with a guy who was quite full of himself. He was bragging about how well he played guitar, and bass, and piano, and added, "and I'm getting pretty good at the harp," putting his hands near his mouth to show that he meant harmonica, not the stringed instrument. After he made the hand gesture, my friend Jeff, a musician himself, silently reached into the front pocket of his jean jacket for a small harmonica, offered it to the big talker and said coldly, "Prove it."

Burned Out at Work? 5 Tips to Re-Engage

Not everyone has their dream job. (Now there's an understatement.) Whether it's a shortage of opportunities, a lack of experience, or simply the need to pay the bills, sometimes we have to put in mundane hours at a job we don't love. But that doesn't mean you have to be miserable ...

Q and A: Security Clearances, Simplified

To provide a brief overview of the security clearances, we asked Alesa Trager, Facility Security Officer for Volt Workforce Solutions, to answer a few questions that job applicants often ask ...  

How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume

What should you say if your interviewer asks you about gaps in your work history?

Why Spell Check Isn't Enough

Don't rely on spell-check to proofread your resume. Spell-check looks for words that aren't words, but it won't help when you choose the wrong word ...

Talk Like a Human

SEO is important – your resume and social media profiles need to have enough industry-specific content to appear in employer and recruiter search results – but eventually, a real person is going to read them and they’ll want to see how well you communicate, not how well you can do SEO. Here are few things that will make your job search documents more readable ... 

How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

If you like playing video games, it's natural to imagine game testing as a dream job.  We asked Jacob Hazelquist, one of Volt's Lead Recruiters for game testing, to provide a more accurate picture of what it takes to get into the industry – and where game testers can go from there ...

Where to Start When You're Changing Careers

“Do what you love” is common advice, but for many, our career paths have been defined by available opportunities more than pursuit of a passion. None of these opportunities seem “wrong”, but eventually, we realize we’re on a path that doesn’t feel right. We want more than a new job – we want a new direction ...

3 Reasons You Didn't Get a Second Interview

Even when an interview goes well, it’s still possible to screw it up afterward. A hiring manager I know recently told me the story of one candidate's crucial mistake hours after the interview ended.  The candidate’s strong qualifications earned him an interview with two senior people at the company. The interview went pretty well and the applicant’s qualifications were confirmed, though both interviewers privately questioned whether he was the right cultural fit for the team. ...