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What Kind of Jobs Can I Get Through a Staffing Company?

There’s an ongoing misconception that staffing companies only offer short-term jobs, not a long-term career advantage. We asked Volt’s Lauren Jones, Director of Talent Acquisition, to provide some insights on what a staffing company can really do.

Should You Put Side Projects on Your Resume

As I sorted through the applicants for a direct-hire Web Developer opening, Justin's resume looked  like all of the others I received. They were all qualified, they all had solid work history, and they all interviewed well. So why did Justin get the job? ...

Do Staffing Firms Really Have Jobs You Can't Find Elsewhere?

As a recruiter in the staffing industry, I often meet candidates who wonder how we can claim to offer jobs that aren't available anywhere else. Here are a few examples of why a position is available through a staffing firm but not a job board or a company's Careers page ...

What's the Best (and Worst) Thing You Could Say in a Job Interview?

Simply saying "I don't know" in an interview is a conversation killer. This phrase is a dead end that not only amounts to admitting defeat, it shows no initiative ...

Managing the Gaps on Your Resume

Among the common questions I hear as a recruiter is, "Why do companies always want to know why a person has job gaps in their work history?"  Knowing the answer is essential to creating a resume that gets you through to an interview ...

How to Summarize Your Experience for Recruiters

My job as a recruiter is not to make a resume fit a job description by reading between the lines, but it is to quickly determine if the candidate meets the basic qualifications for the position. ...

What Does a Recruiter Do, Anyway?

Recruiters work on behalf of our clients; they tell me the job they need filled and I search for talented people to do the work. Some of these openings are easy to fill, others require months of work to find just the right person. When I connect with a candidate, I feel good; I get truly excited when I have an opening that would be a fit for them.

6 Networking Tips for Introverts

Never fear, introverts of the world. You, too, can find success through networking. It just takes some practice!