Melanie Johnson

Melanie Johnson works as a staff writer for Volt Workforce Solutions. From slinging chili to producing TV, she knows the ins and outs of making your way through the hiring minefield and into a satisfying career. When she's not doing market research and returning emails, Melanie likes to flex her brain at pub trivia and plan her next big food adventure.

Posts by Melanie Johnson

Don't Set Your Dream in Stone

Sometimes we work really hard to reach a certain goal, only to get there and realize it's not all it was cracked up to be. So what do you do if your dream job is causing you to lose sleep?  

Staying Mentally Engaged at Your Job

No matter what you do, some workdays are more stimulating than others – and a new Mayo Clinic study suggests that greater mental activity in your working years could have a positive impact on your brain’s health later in life. So what can you do to stay engaged? 

How to Brag on Your Resume When You're Bad at Bragging

Spend enough time on the job market and you’ll find that it’s difficult to stand out without a little bravado. Unfortunately for introverted job seekers, we don’t live in a meritocracy, and listing your duties without highlighting your biggest successes isn’t going to get a hiring manager to pay attention ...

6 Things You Can Do Every Night Before Bed to Find a New Job

Moving up in your field can often mean searching for a job while you’re already employed full-time -- but job seeking is exhausting, especially if your only time to do it is between the hours of “After Work” and “Before Bed”. How can you get ahead without burning yourself out? We have some tips.

Why This Year Can Still Be Different

Halfway through January, and maybe your 2015 is looking a lot like 2014.  But you know what? It doesn't have to.