Tips to Advance Your Life Sciences and Healthcare Career

The healthcare and life sciences fields are vast and full of opportunities. Positions ranging from administration, management, sales, logistics, fieldwork, and beyond help make up these industries. Since the fields can be overwhelming due to their broadness, some may wonder how to secure a job and continue progressing in their career. We've asked our recruiters to share their insights on effectively advancing and maintaining a career within healthcare and life sciences.

Education matters

Higher education, such as bachelor's and post-grad degrees, opens the door to healthcare and life sciences careers. Bachelor's degrees are typically enough to cross the threshold into the industries, but many careers require at least a Master's degree. Be sure to investigate your field of choice educational requirements before committing to a degree. Checking out job boards or a quick Google search should yield the results of the requirements of your career choice.

Pro Tip: Advance your career further with double majors, such as healthcare/life science and a business degree. With dual degrees, you can seek positions beyond the laboratory or patient-facing positions and land roles in product marketing, sales, and beyond.

Beyond the degree

If you are established within the healthcare and life sciences field, then you likely have obtained your educational degree. However, if you want to upgrade your knowledge, start by advancing your skills. Obtaining relatable certifications is paramount to help accelerate or pivot your career. Certifications can highlight your commitment to your job, impress employers and keep your career moving forward.

Pro Tip: Consider certificates in healthcare information and management systems, risk management, or medical management to advance your healthcare career, as they are currently in demand.

Look to the horizon

Opportunities are always around the corner in life sciences and healthcare as it is ever-evolving. Allowing flexibility throughout your career can make room for progress. Consider horizontal and linear movements when deciding on your next career step. Crossing into a new vertical will allow for more knowledge and skills and create a unique and robust resume. Employees who possess knowledge across business functions are more likely to be considered for leadership roles, including executive-level leadership.

Pro Tip: Keep track of new projects within your company and volunteer to help get them off the ground to help you obtain new skills and create visibility to leadership, as it can contribute to future promotions.

Identify a mentor

Mentorships can be pivotal in any career and are equally crucial to a life sciences/health career. Identifying a mentor can increase your understanding of your chosen field, the opportunities ahead, and what steps to take to achieve specific goals. Mentors give insight into the future state of your career and can wisely advise you on which steps to take to achieve results. Take a step further by finding a sponsor. A sponsor will actively help you get into various committees, decision-making teams, or groups that can influence the outcome of your career. Mentorships/sponsorships should not be overlooked when attempting to advance your career.

Pro Tip: Networking with various department leaders within your company can open doors to mentors and sponsors you may not have otherwise been exposed to.

Partner with a recruiter

Identifying a recruiter to partner with throughout your career can catapult you into opportunities and companies that may have been unknown to you otherwise. A recruiter's job is to network and become an expert in their local market and specialized vertical, thereby becoming informative and reliable partners to their consultants. If you are seeking a healthcare or life sciences career, or wish to advance in your established career, consider partnering with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today. Volt’s global network gives our recruiters an advantage over the competition. Contact us today to learn more.