Reflecting questions every leader should be asking as we enter 2023

Leaders have faced many challenges during the pandemic - and have often had to admit not knowing the answers to what comes next as COVID has evolved. The pressure to always have an answer is just part of leadership but these years have been particularly intense given the huge shifts in working models and attitudes, and the level of global disruption. As we come to the end of another challenging year these are some of the talent questions that leaders need to focus on to get clarity for 2023.

What is the purpose of the business and how does this underpin success?

Digital transformation has driven a lot of change in recent years and your business may look totally different today compared to pre-2020. Now is the time to look at whether this means you need to reevaluate goals and objectives. What’s the vision for the business going forward and how has this changed? Crucially, how will you know when you’ve achieved the objectives that the business is now operating under? As the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never going to get there - and you’re also unlikely to attract top talent without clearly defining what this is.

How has the company culture changed and what is the working model today?

Remote working became the norm during the pandemic and this was a seismic shift for many businesses. It also created a demand for continued flexibility from employees, with one study finding that 33% of workers would resign if they were no longer allowed to work from home* It’s vital for leaders to be able to examine the changes in company culture that have resulted from adopting different working models, less in-person contact or use of office premises - and understand how this has impacted what it’s like to work for the business. Clarity on this is key for attracting and retaining talent, as well as designing a talent strategy going forward.

What is the organization currently lacking?

Responding to market changes usually requires a combination of people and skills. For every business today, a shift is likely to be necessary in terms of examining whether the workforce is currently adequately equipped. Do you need to invest in reskilling or upskilling, for example, and where are there talent gaps that will need to be filled via recruitment? Even more vital will be the question of how to make the business attractive to the right people.

Is the tech infrastructure appropriate?

The pandemic caused many businesses to go digital overnight and rush decisions were made on tech and systems. Now is the time to reflect on whether the right infrastructure is in place and where upgrades and changes might benefit the everyday experience of staff. Cyber security is crucial too, ensuring adequate protections are in place so that your organization is trusted by employees and clients.

The end of a year always prompts reflection and these are some of the key questions for leaders to ask as we enter 2023.

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*’Third of Employees will quit if flexibility is not continued after lockdown, report finds’ People Management, Author Calum Trenaman, 26.5.21