5 Hot IT Jobs in Europe

IT jobs in Europe are on the increase with the number of talent recruitment vacancies growing year on year. In 2021 there were around nine million IT specialists working across Europe, accounting for almost 5% of the total workforce*. This is the result of a huge expansion in the number of IT specialists in Europe in the past decade, with a 50.5% increase in numbers - eight times more than the increase for total employment. So, there are more IT specialists in Europe than ever before and these are some of the hottest IT jobs that are open for applications in 2023. 

  • Data scientists.

    One role that keeps expanding is that of data scientist. With artificial intelligence and machine learning continuing to evolve the world of IT jobs, it’s the position of data scientist that is often on the cutting edge. These are the people who will add value anywhere that data is being processed, from analytics to interpreting large data sets. Anyone keen to work for the big names in IT, from IBM to Amazon, will find this type of job a great entry point. This career path is potentially in huge demand, tracking at an average 36% growth in the next 10 years** comparted with averages of other jobs at 5%.

  • Software engineers and developers.

    Given the huge increase we have seen in the use of devices it’s no surprise that there is significant demand now for software developers. These are essentially the troubleshooters who can help solve problems and deliver bespoke solutions for a range of clients, whether individual or corporate. Software Engineers and Developer sector is predicted to grow 21% by 2028 in Europe***

  • Network analysts

    Working as a network analyst often has a lot of crossover with the business side of an employer so it can be a very versatile role. The primary function of someone in this job is to handle the installation, layout and maintenance of all the network components within an enterprise and make sure all computers and equipment can talk to each other over a network. This can be a role where there is as much demand for a business brain as technical solutions.

  • Security analysts.

    With more remote working and an evolution in the volume and sophistication of cyber threats in recent years, security is a top priority for businesses today. That’s why security analysts are so in demand as companies look to shore up their defenses. This tends to be a role where a variety of competencies are required, from leadership to creativity. It’s vital for anyone looking to tap into the demand for security analysts to have a finger on the pulse of all the most recent threats. There is a massive growth in the Cyber Security Sector with Europe IT Security spending suspected to grow by 10.8% by the end of 2022.****

  • Software Engineers.

    Outside of the demand for software engineers there is also a need for many other types of engineers who are involved in the infrastructure and networking elements of IT. For example, there has been an increase in the need for structural engineers, as well as DevOps engineers with the skill set to help develop software and software fixes to integrate internal systems. 

This is a great time to have a robust IT skill set, especially if you fall into any of these talent recruitment categories. The market for IT jobs in Europe looks set to continue to expand with a wealth of new opportunities available.

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