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The effects of a good hire

Hiring is challenging. From identifying a role to creating a job description, the interview process, and decision-making, hiring requires many resources, effort, and time. This is why hiring the right talent is imperative due to each hire's impact on an organization.

The future of AI in media

In our formidable years, we all likely imagined flying cars and robots everywhere in the future. Perhaps the future is not exactly how we pictured it, but our visions are coming to life (sans flying cars, for now). Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making leaps in bounds in its progress to become a part of our everyday lives.

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Top tech trends for 2023

Every year brings a new wave of trends, discoveries, and innovation, and 2023 will be no exception. In 2022, we saw a cryptocurrency exchange collapse, advances in AI, and significant layoffs in the tech industry.

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Tips to Advance Your Life Sciences and Healthcare Career

The healthcare and life sciences fields are vast and full of opportunities. Positions ranging from administration, management, sales, logistics, fieldwork, and beyond help make up these industries.

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5 Hot IT Jobs in Europe

IT jobs in Europe are on the increase with the number of talent recruitment vacancies growing year on year. In 2021 there were around nine million IT specialists working across Europe, accounting for almost 5% of the total workforce*.

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