• Volt's Better U Academy is an online learning center where Volt field employees have the ability to take a wide variety of free classes from education leader Penn Foster. These courses will help them gain skills and earn certifications in areas like office administration, bookkeeping, technical capabilities, communications, non-clinical healthcare and more. In addition, we are offering a low-cost, online format for interested employees to earn their high school diplomas.

    This Better U Academy is a valuable tool for our field employees; but, as an employer, you will also reap the benefits! The investment in growing the pool of skilled, hardworking talent will help Volt continue to fill your open jobs with speed and efficiency.

    Through this program, our employees are encouraged and motivated which gives Volt and our clients a committed, happy employee. This learning opportunity is a unique benefit, differentiating Volt from the competition.

    We launched the Better U Academy for many reasons, but here are three I would like to focus on:   

    • Building a better workforce: The Better U Academy is one way Volt is helping to build a better, more skilled workforce so that you have access to better talent.
    • Increasing retention: By providing skill development, our employees know we are invested in them and are committed to staying with us and on the job for you.
    • Attracting higher caliber talent: By offering employees ways to advance their skills and opportunities, we can attract higher caliber workers. Workers who want to learn, work hard and achieve. Those are attributes we know you want from everyone who works for you.

    The Volt Better U Academy currently has these 18 courses that active field employees can take. Active employment means they are currently on assignment (working) for Volt.

    In addition to these free courses, we also offer an online and low-cost path to earning a nationally accredited high school diploma. This is not a GED but an accredited high school degree.

    The high school diploma program is the only course that requires tuition.


    • Admin Assistant Careers
    • Bookkeeping Basics
    • Business English
    • Call Center Customer Service
    • Career Readiness Bootcamp
    • Caregiver Skills
    • CNC Machining
    • Electronic Technician
    • Guest Services and Hospitality
    • Industrial Safety-English
    • Intro to Drafting and Computer Aided Design
    • Intro to Medical Billing and Coding
    • Introduction to Blueprint Reading
    • Introduction to Manufacturing
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Office
    • Small Business Management Career Diploma
    • Supervising the Front Line
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