Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Reduce overhead for your contingent workforce

Hiring independent contractors can seem like a win-win for many businesses, gaining specialized expertise while avoiding recruiting, withholding, and benefits costs. Missing from that equation are the potential costs of employee misclassification – managing contractors as if they were employees – and the internal expense of administering payroll for a large number of contractors.

Payroll Services from Volt Workforce Solutions satisfies both concerns. Payroll Services enables clients who want to handle their own recruiting to save money with Volt’s administrative support and expertise, the ideal solution for:

  • Enlisting an independent contractor: Volt hires and efficiently processes payroll for your contractors, easing the workload on your finance team and eliminating classification issues.
  • Previewing an employee: Bring on new talent and assess their value to your business before adding them to your in-house payroll. Great match? Hire them on with no fee. Not the right fit? Easily move on to a new candidate.

Simple Process, Solid Results

We’ve made the program easy: You refer the candidate to Volt, and Volt becomes the employer of record. We handle the time-consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee, supplying a single, simplified invoice for their service. Whether you’re hiring one person or a whole team, Payroll Services provides improved recruiting flexibility while reducing costs.

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