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Manufacturing & Assembly

The manufacturing industry has evolved tremendously in recent years, yet one age-old challenge persists: How to meet customer expectations for quick turnarounds and just-in-time delivery while maximizing workforce efficiency through seasonal fluctuations and irregular production schedules. Volt’s flexible contingent and temporary staffing solutions offer an effective method of reducing your staffing expense while maintaining customer satisfaction.

We customize our staffing solutions for your business, providing qualified, reliable contingent employees. Our recruiters employ extensive proficiency assessments, behavior-based interviews and background investigations to provide you with experienced manufacturing specialists who can quickly contribute to your production process. By combining diligent sourcing techniques with collaborative client service, Volt consistently places people in environments that allow both the candidate and the client thrive. 

Talent Acquisition Specialties:

  • Assembly
  • Forklift Operation
  • General Labor
  • Inspection
  • Production Management
  • Project Support
  • Quality Assurance/Control

How We Help

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