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Volt Directories S.A. Ltd. began in 1983 as the official publisher of Uruguay´s telephone directories. Working with the government-owned telephone company ANTEL, our services included ad sales, graphic design, printing and distribution of the directories. Today, we do all of that and more for clients around the world.

Telephone Directory Services, Local and Overseas Periodicals

Volt's sales force has the knowledge and technology to reach every target in your city, region, or country by optimizing the commercialization of telephone directories and periodicals.

Through the use of Sales Management, Ad Production and Storage, Listing Database Maintenance, and Directory Dynamic Pagination systems, Volt provides a highly automated and easy-to-use process with the flexibility to accommodate fluctuating workloads and delivery schedules, including page layout and automated pagination systems that shorten directory closing cycles while still accommodating late changes. Production can be done at a single location or across networked facilities, all with a minimal amount of staffing.

Directory Consultancy Services

After more than 25 years producing directories, Volt’s knowledge and experience makes us the ideal partner for directory services worldwide. Our consultative services can help new companies seeking to deliver quality products, as well as established companies seeking to optimize sales and production schedules.

Periodical Publications

Committed to artistic and creative quality
Volt’s professional design team includes experts in drawing, layout, and graphic design, as well as specialty services such as photography, photo retouching, and proofreading. Working closely with each client, our team collaborates on ideas and execution to create a final product that satisfies completely.

Leading-edge technology
Pre-press systems are constantly evolving – and Volt continuously evaluates new technologies in order to have the best tools for each project. These include workflow based on XML and database management systems that automate addition of large volumes of data while reducing production schedules for projects such as:

  • Telephone Directories
  • Sales Catalogues
  • Magazines
  • Television Program Guides
  • Periodical publications

Volt’s clients have complete visibility of the production process though our secure FTP site. Integrated software programs (Adobe Creative Suite) ensure absolute reliability in the management, administration, revision and approval of your projects.

Cost Effective

The main cost in graphic design services is the workforce, and its value depends completely on the artistic and technical skills of the employee. Volt’s staff has an average of 10 years of experience, enabling us to match the quality of the best graphic design boutiques. Because human resource costs in Uruguay are highly competitive compared with other countries, Volt creates world-class publications at surprisingly affordable rates.

Visit www.volt.com.uy or email sales@volt.com.uy.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

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