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Vendor Management System (VMS) for Contingent Workforce: ProcureStaff Technologies

ProcureStaff Technologies is a leader in global services procurement solutions. In 1996 ProcureStaff Technologies pioneered the vendor-neutral contingent workforce Vendor Management System (VMS) application, which has become the industry standard and has remained at the forefront of the industry. Our success is the product of an unwavering focus on anticipating the contingent workforce management needs of global business. ProcureStaff Technologies knows your solution needs to adapt to ever-changing business environments so innovation doesn’t cease after deployment is complete.  ProcureStaff Technologies is home to seasoned veterans from across every industry. Leverage our expertise to:

  • Reduce Spending
  • Improve Sourcing Cycle Time
  • Cut Down On Billing/Invoicing Errors
  • Improve Visibility and Transparency
  • Increase Access to and Quality of Candidates
  • Achieve Aggressive Diversity Goals
  • Develop Stronger Compliance Methods
  • Go Global With Confidence
  • Free Up Time/Resources to Focus on Your Core Business

Emphasizing quality driven by the best practices and attention to the voice of the customer makes ProcureStaff Technologies far more flexible and scalable than our competitors. This is why ProcureStaff Technologies enjoys the highest client-retention rate. No other company can address your contingent workforce needs with the ProcureStaff Technologies level of customization, efficiency and ease of use.

Improve your contingent workforce management with ProcureStaff Technologies' Vendor Management System, Consol.

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