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For more than 35 years, our business has been delivering Infrastructure Support Services (ISS) to our clients. We provide the support services you need, refining our capabilities and our infrastructure to meet your most stringent requirements. Technology may change, but our focus on supporting your IT infrastructure remains the same. Perhaps that’s why we continue to be a market leader in delivering customized ISS to our most demanding clients.

Maintech can provide a single-source, vendor-neutral services program for your data center, the heart of your IT enterprise and your desktops. The configurations are rarely static and the product mix grows every year, with a unified set of SLO/SLA performance standards that creates a level playing field. Maintech also delivers a full suite of managed services that allows you to build a customized monitoring, administration and maintenance program for your enterprise. You can then focus on your application and business process engineering efforts with the full confidence that your IT Infrastructure is in good hands.

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