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Impresora Sudamericana, founded in 1987, is an international supplier of high quality printing services, committed to delivering superior service and consistent, quality results to clients across the globe. Offering rates that are competitive with Asia along with quality that matches the best printers worldwide, Impresora Sudamericana is the ideal choice for your printing projects.

Solutions for Publishers

Impresora Sudamericana provides access to the publishing industry’s strongest production and distribution network for a variety of printed products, including:

  • Telephone Directories
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Flyers
  • Magazines

Certified Quality since 1999

Impresora Sudamericana is the first printer in Latin America certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. The Company vision focuses on:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Transparency throughout the production process
  • Thorough employee training
  • Continual process improvement through data collection and measurements

Award-Winning Service

  • 1st International Export Sales with Biggest Potential Growth Year 2001 (award from the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay)
  • XII Latin-American Contest of Graphic Products Theodobaldo De Nigris (Golden Graphic Award - Directory Books Year 2006)


Ensuring quality results starts with quality equipment. Impresora Sudamericana’s facility features reliable, leading-edge technology such as:

  • Full digital electronic pre-press equipment
  • Sheet-fed press
  • Web presses with oven for heat set printing
  • Complete binding equipment for soft covers and hard covers (hot melt and pur) and saddle stitch

On-Time Delivery worldwide

Impresora Sudamericana understands the importance of your deadlines, and uses land, air and sea carriers to accommodate your schedule and budget.

For more information, visit www.impresorasudamericana.com.uy or contact us at sales@volt.com.uy.
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