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"Quality is the cornerstone of our success at Volt. Quality gives our
Company a unified strategy and a common direction."

At Volt, our commitment to our clients starts with a commitment to quality. Whether it is recruiting best-fit talent, developing innovative technology, or consulting with measurable results, we strive for continual process improvement, always focused on supplying superior value to our clients.      

More than just an end result, quality is a mindset. From attentive collaboration with each client to consistent service delivery, quality is an end-to-end process at every level of the company: 

  • At the corporate level, Volt’s Quality Council, spearheaded by our CEO and comprising leaders from every Volt business unit, oversees all quality initiatives and reviews innovative and emerging methodologies. 

  • At the business unit level, individual Volt divisions and subsidiaries pursue certifications that benefit the clients and industries they serve. The quality certifications of each division and subsidiary can be viewed here.

  • At the individual level, more than 20% Volt employees are Six Sigma trained, furthering our focus on consistent and proven process improvement. Encouraging and enabling our employees to pursue individual certifications further fuels Volt’s pursuit of service excellence.

Innovations in project management

Because Quality Management Systems are constantly evolving, Volt regularly researches and adapts new methodologies that provide additional flexibility to our existing approach.  Along with our Six Sigma and ISO programs, Volt teams can incorporate Scrum procedures that help propel project management through a less linear approach, accelerating project pace while allowing for flexibility.  We have also incorporated LEAN, Agile, Kaizen and other best-practice strategies to ensure we have access to a variety of tools we can utilize in order to design the right solution for each client.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business methodology that strives for near perfection of business processes. Our Six Sigma efforts can begin with systematic, data-driven analysis of current processes. Evaluation of that information allows Volt to collaborate with our clients to design lasting solutions that make client teams more efficient, more effective, and better able to benefit the bottom line.   

Originally created to improve business performance by eliminating defects from the manufacturing process, Volt became the first talent acquisition company to apply Six Sigma methods to recruiting and workforce management. Six Sigma is now an essential element of delivery within our business units. Our success with Six Sigma implementation has been noted by industry analysts: Volt received top honors for Best Achievement of Organizational Business Improvement in Transactional Services at the 4th Annual Global Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Improvement Summit  & Industry Awards in 2009, and  iSixSigma, the leading online Six Sigma publication, named Volt as one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in 2008, commending Volt for high marks in job satisfaction, company culture, training, and career development among our employees.


Volt’s quality management system is composed of processes, procedures, and tools implemented to ensure that customer satisfaction and quality requirements are met or exceeded.  It provides a platform for continual performance improvement.

ISO standards, established by the International Organization for Standardization, the world's largest developer of International Standards, are a global benchmark for quality management systems. Created to measure and control best practice, ISO compliance drives the assessment of performance throughout the entire business lifecycle processes, defining quality system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of products and services.  ISO is also the foundation for TL9000, which includes additional, more telecom industry specific standards and measurements required for compliance.  Volt’s certification to quality standards such as ISO and TL 9000  significantly enhances organizational DNA, improves the ability to meet customer requirements and demonstrates the desire to supply quality goods and services.

Customized Solutions, Committed to Success

Because each client’s challenges are unique, and no single quality strategy fits all circumstances, Volt utilizes all of these methodologies to assure confidence in our processes and services, and to deliver effective solutions that improve our client’s businesses.  

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