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Tips for Remote Workers

The events surrounding COVID-19 are causing many offices to close and many workers to work remotely.  It’s possible this new set up will be with us for an extended period, as is appropriate based on public health official recommendations or requirements.  

Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Our current working environment is unprecedented. Many leaders are finding themselves suddenly managing an entirely remote team. This arrangement might sound intimidating if you have never experienced it before. However, large segments of the modern workforce have been successfully working remote for years. Here are some tips to help ensure you and your team successfully navigate the challenges

Celebrating National Staffing Employee Week

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. This is a common business adage, because it’s completely true. Every employee in every department can be a difference-maker for a company. CEOs may get the press, but to pick one example, it can be the critical support from a call center rep that saves a company’s reputation on social media. Every role matters – and that’s why at Volt, we’re so proud of the people who have chosen to be on our team.

INFOGRAPHIC: Should I Eat This at My Desk?

Should I eat this at my desk? This infographic will tell you the answer...

How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

If you like playing video games, it's natural to imagine game testing as a dream job.  We asked Jacob Hazelquist, one of Volt's Lead Recruiters for game testing, to provide a more accurate picture of what it takes to get into the industry – and where game testers can go from there ...

6 Networking Tips for Introverts

Never fear, introverts of the world. You, too, can find success through networking. It just takes some practice!