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Volt’s regional and industry-specific online communities help you make the most of your professional network. Each community uses dedicated LinkedIn groups and Twitter feeds to share and discuss articles, blogs, and industry trends – and even help you find a job you love.

Many think of “networking” as a way to find their next job – but a good professional network can do much more than that. A strong online network provides access to industry news and the insights of peers in your field, information that can help you be more successful wherever you work.

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Who you know matters. Having a professional network can not only help you land a great job, but keep you up-to-date with industry news and help you grow your talents. Volt's professional communities throughout the country are designed with you in mind. Find yours and get connected.

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Volt uses Facebook to post articles and blogs that offer value to job seekers and hiring managers. We won’t overwhelm your wall – we only share posts you can use in your career.

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Volt can help you get your foot in the door with great employers in your city and across the world, including access to jobs that aren’t posted on public job boards. Start searching now – and remember, having your resume on file with Volt puts you a step ahead when new jobs open.

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